About Us

A Brief History of Phap Lam Temple

The Phap Lam Temple was established in 2001. Initially a Geri hamburger store, the building was abandoned for more than 12 years until it was remodeled in July 2001, and became Phap Lam temple. The remodel process took 5 months to complete. Nowadays, the temple is used for worship, religious education and various Buddhist activities.

As time went by, the congregation needs more space for Vietnamese classes for children as well as room for Buddhists to gather before services, an expansion was added in the back in 2004. This room also serves as a meeting room for big events such as Lunar New Year, Parent’s Day, Mid Autumn festival, and Thanksgivings, etc.

Recently, another expansion was added in front of the original building and serves as Entry hall. The project was started on July 5, 2012 and estimated to be finished in December 2012.

With a small population of Vietnamese American Buddhists in Rockford and its nearby cities, Phap Lam Temple is an ideal place to learn and practice the Buddha’s teachings.